The 2012 Customer Gratitude Conference

The 2012 Customer Gratitude Conference

On March 9, 2012, at Legend Hotel City Ho Chi Minh City, Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation with its brand name to be Tan Thanh Container, solemnly held a customer gratitude conference. Attending the conference, there were leaders at all levels of the Party committees, local authorities, the press, representatives of suppliers and numerous customers of Tan Thanh Container in the country.

Speaking at the Customer Gratitude Conference, Ms. Tran Dieu Canh, General Director of Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation reviewed some remarkable milestones of the company. Being established in 1994, overcoming many difficulties and challenges, Tan Thanh Container has become a leading enterprise in manufacturing and trading Semi-trailer and supplying refrigerated containers, cold storage, office containers. The company currently has a network of branches spreading across over the country with a total area of ​​premises and workshops over 120,000 square meters. Every year, Tan Thanh Container produces an average of 1,200 semi-trailers of all kinds, providing thousands of reefer containers, cold storage, office containers for the whole country and for export ... Tan Thanh Container’s products are sold by international leading ports in Vietnam, such as SPCT, CMIT, VICT, Quang Ninh Port, ICD Transimex, ... and many transport companies, seafood ... Pictures of thousands of convoys branded Tan Thanh Container across the national arterial road is the pride of the company's collective staff. That success is due to, apart from the best efforts of the Board of Management and employees, the contribution from customers as well.

On the occasion of this customer gratitude conference, on behalf of Tan Thanh Container, Ms. Tran Dieu Canh sent deep sincere thanks to agencies, partners, and customers who have always trusted the company to overcome all difficulties to develop together. In addition, Tan Thanh Container also commits to customers to constantly improve the quality of products and services, especially after-sales service to meet the increasing requirements of customers. Also at the conference, representative of the company, Mr. Kieu Cong Thanh, Chairman of the Board of Management awarded VND 1,000,000,000 to "build a traditional house commemorating the French resistance warlord, Can Giuoc, Long An". This is an act of profound humanitarian significance, expressing the gratitude of Tan Thanh Container for the previous generations, who lived to fight and died for the independence of the country.

In a sincere and open atmosphere at the conference, Ms. Tran Thi Hanh, Vice President of Thu Duc District People's Committee, highly appreciated Tan Thanh Container's contributions to the district's socio-economic development. Despite the period of economic difficulties, the impact of prolonged economic crisis, rising inflation, Tan Thanh Container still maintains the market with effective production and business, solves job problems for hundreds of employees and well complies with the tax obligations. Ms. Hanh believes that, with the direction of the Board of Management, the efforts and creativity of the company, along with the positive contribution of customers, Tan Thanh Container will reap more success.

Representative of customers, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hao, General Director of Phuoc Son Investment Company sent warm greetings to the achievements achieved by Tan Thanh Container. Tan Thanh Container's products have been helping customers to add value to society, contributing to the rotation of goods across the country. On behalf of thousands of customers, Mr. Hao also emphasized that he would continue to enhance close customer relationships and always stand side by side to support Tan Thanh Container brand in the marketplace.

“In 2012, with new orientations close to the real market developments, combined with the confidence of domestic and foreign customers, the consensus of the Board of Management and more than 600 employees, it is determined to further develop Tan Thanh Container”, which is the message and also the conclusion of the Customer Gratitude Conference. Once again, Tan Thanh Container would like to express our sincere thanks to our valued customers and loyal customers who have attended and made the success of the conference.

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