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Tan Thanh donated 8 bicycles for employees’ children in difficult circumstances

On August 12th, Tan Thanh Trading Trade and Mechanic Corporation cooperated with the Business Fund for the Community of Ho Chi Minh City to hold the ceremony of awarding bicycles to 8 pupils who are children of Tan Thanh’s employees so that they will have bicycles to go to school in the school year of 2020-2021.

Tan Thanh’s representatives attending the ceremony include:

– Ms. Cao Thi Nhung – Deputy Director of Business Fund for the Community – Ho Chi Minh Enterprise Associate.

– Ms. Kieu Ngoc Phuong – Deputy General Director of Tan Thanh.

– Mr. Tran Van Hung - President of Tan Thanh Company's Trade Union

– Ms. Tran Thi Huynh Trinh – Deputy Director of Tan Thanh Sơmi Rơmoóc Factory.

– Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Phuoc – OCDC Director of Tan Thanh

– Ms. Huynh Le Huong – Vice President of Tan Thanh Company's Trade Union, Deputy Secretary of Tan Thanh’s Party Cell.

It is known that 8 children receiving scholarships at this time are children of employees working in Tan Thanh Company in extremely difficult circumstances who had always tried their best to study.

Mr. Tran Van Hung – the President of the trade union of Tan Thanh speaking

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Tran Van Hung expressed his deep thanks to the Business Fund for Community of Ho Chi Minh City and the Board of Directors of Tan Thanh Company for their act and support to employees in difficult circumstances during the past years.

Some pictures of the ceremony:

Ms. Cao Thi Nhung speaking at the ceremony
Ms. Cao Thi Nhung received flowers from the representative of Tan Thanh’s Board of Directors (in the right)

Tan Thanh hopes that the bicycles presented at the ceremony will not only bring material values to support the children but also their spiritual values, giving them strength to strive to become good children and good pupils.