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The MegaMAX lowbed trailer features a removable gooseneck, a lowbed and a bogie with 1-5 axles.

A 1- or 2-axle dolly can be incorporated between the tractor and gooseneck if required for additional load capacity and optimal weight distribution


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If heavy loads for construction and industry sites need to be transported, a gooseneck with central beam design is the right choice for the low-bed semitrailer.

    • Excellent price-performance ratio
    • Proven technology
    • Simple operation
    • Low dead weight

The load height is often a major factor in everyday transport. Legal requirements and a difficult delivery route are regular challenges. Lowbed semi-trailers are used to transport construction machinery, wind turbine components farming machines, industrial parts, railway vehicles and boats.

Special features of the MegaMAX lowbed trailer are the optimum load distribution, the length-optimised loading platform and the low loading height. These properties enable not only adherence to legal limit values, but also ensure time and cost-efficiency in loading and transport.

The MegaMAX lowbed trailer is suitable for the transport of:

  • Construction machines for excavation and road construction, recycling, road grooving machine transport, crushing equipment, screening equipment
  • Wind power plants such as tower segments, generators, rotor or turbine blades, hybrid towers
  • Forestry machines: harvester, skidder, forwarder
  • Concrete precast elements
  • Farming machines for example combine harvesters, tractors, farming tractors, beet harvesters, silage wagons, liquid manure tanks
  • Industrial parts as crane-loaded goods, vessels and for ring transport
  • Boats and yachts
  • Railway vehicles
  • Bulky goods and heavy loads

Central beam neck

If heavy loads for construction and industry sites need to be transported, a gooseneck with central beam design is the right choice for the low-bed semitrailer.

This technology enables easy and simple coupling, even on difficult terrain. A central beam neck is needed if a 1- or 2-axle dolly is added to the lowbed trailer.

  • High stability
  • Simple coupling
  • Safe handling

Outer beam neck

The use of an outer beam neck on the lowbed trailer keeps the overall length of combination compact.

This gooseneck also enables a combination with a 1-axle dolly. This is especially applicable when transporting industrial goods. An outer beam neck is available for lowbeds with up to 3 axles.

  • Compact design
  • Long loading area
  • Robust structure
  • Loading space between outer beams
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