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Trailer rental

Tan Thanh Company rent all types of semi-trailers: flat bed, skeletal, goose neck 20 ‘, 40′, 45’ 2 axles and 3 axles.

Exclusive: Get 50% discount on semi trailer rental price while getting repair/ maintenance services at any of Tan Thanh service station for more than 3 days. 

In addition to the support services for the needs of transportation, our company has the services to maximum support to customers hiring semi-trailers in urgent and long-term.

  • Procedures and papers of hiring trailers are simple and quick. Fast and kind delivery service.
  • Support and advise customers choosing the type of trailer suitable for the cargo as well as the weight of cargo adapted to the trailer’s pay load to save customer’s time and money.
  • Fast and kind delivery service.
  • The price for renting at Tan Thanh is always competitive.

Sell trailers on hire-purchase

Tan Thanh Company supports selling all types of trailers (old and new) on hire-purchase to all subjects,individuals, legal entities and organizations in the form of direct sale from the company or through banks.

  • Have tractor head
  • Have Household registration, ID card
  • The company sells on hire-purchase through mortgage payments.
  • Buy small amount
  • Have transportation business function, are in business
  • Have good financial reports
  • Have a business plan
  • Buy in bulk
  • Sell through financial leasing companies.
  • If you buy small quantities, the company can sell directly as private objects.

Have transportation business function, are in business

Other fees, customers pay:

  • 01/ project writing fee, making a loan document for 2,000,000 VND applied for entities purchasing large quantity
  • 02/ Bank charges of 500,000 VND


  • The company buys trailers through the finance leasing company.
  • Time: from 12 to 36 months
  • Interest rate: Applied at the time of purchase
  • Prepayment: 30 – 40%


  • Prepayment: 30 – 40% (depending on old, new trailer)
  • Time: 12 – 36 months
  • Have household registration, ID card
  • Have traction head registration
  • Monthly Payments = The remains/ Pay Periods + average Interest Rates

Sell on hire-purchase in form of rental as follows:

  • Price: agreed by both parties = price + insurance 1.5% + registration fee + registration fee
  • The buyer signs the trailer rental contract of Tan Thanh Company during the period: from 12 to 36 months (as agreed).
  • Deposit: 30 – 40% (as agreed).
  • Monthly Rent = Periodic Installment Payments + Interest Rate

The company advertises for all objects hiring trailers, the specific example is as belows:

Example :

  • Sale price + insurance + registration = 140 million
  • 30% prepayment = 42 million
  • Remains = 98 million
  • Installment period: 36 months
  • Monthly Capital payment= 2.720.000 VND
  • Monthly interest payment = 98.000.000 * monthly interest rate
  • TMonthly Total Payments:

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