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Tan Thanh’s Union summarize and award Nguyen Duc Canh Scholarship in 2012

As part of activities aimed to celebrating the 83rd  anniversary of the founding of the Vietnam Trade Union, on morning 8th July 2012, Tan Thanh’s Union organize the closing ceremony and award the Nguyen Duc Canh’s scholarship to 54 students who are children of work –hard employees study well. Each scholarship is worth from 500.000 VND to 700.000 VND. Attending the ceremony are Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong_Vice Chairman of the Thu Duc Confederation of Labor, Mrs. Tran Dieu Canh_General Director of Tan Thanh Company and students and parents.
Addressing at the opening ceremony, Tran Van Hung_ president of the Tan Thanh’s union affirmed: “Nguyen Duc Canh’s scholarships are one of the great significate programs, reflecting the concern of the unions for children of work-hard employees overcoming the difficulties to study well and creating conditions for them to continue to go to school and make their dreams come true. Also through such activities, the Executive Committee of the Union would like to further strengthen the long-term commitment of employees and companies. ”

Confirming the determination and support of Tan Thanh’s company for Nguyen Duc Canh’s study encouragement fund, Mrs.Tran Dieu Canh on behalf of the Board of Directors committed to continue supporting and pay more attention to the study encouragement activities. For Tan Thanh’s Company, employees are the most valuable assets, taking good care of the lives of the workers themselves and for the family of employees is the task as a priority of Board of Directors. The Board of Directors always takes the lead and spends a certain amount of money on the study encouragement fund in order to promptly mobilize children of employees overcoming difficulties to study well. The scholarship value is not great, but it shows the unity of the Board of Directors in taking care of the development of the children , thereby contributing to create good condition for the employee’s peace of mind. The Board of Directors hopes that the Nguyen Duc Canh’s Study Encouragement Fund will grow in many next years, the number of children rewarded will be more and more. This is also the task set by The Board of Directors and the Executive Board of Union in the coming time.

On behalf of the Thu Duc Labor Federation, Nguyen Van Phuong highly appreciated the coordination of the Executive Committee of the union and the Board of Directors of Tan Thanh’s company in the review and awarding Nguyen Duc Canh’s scholarships. This is a deeply humanistic activity showing contribution of society in considering the study encouragement activities. Mr. Nguyen Van Phuong also expects the model of mobilization and raising funds for study encouragement from Tan Thanh’s employees themselves will be promoted and expanded.