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News ellipse 30/11/2020

Why do you choose Tan Thanh goose-neck semi trailers?

Goose-neck semi trailers are one of the most popular means of transport today. There are many transport companies in Vietnam who are relying on the good high-quality semi trailers of Tan Thanh Company. If you are interested in this product, the article below will give useful information for you.

What is a goose-neck semi trailer?

Goose-neck semi trailers is a vehicle used in the transport of goods mainly used in combination with reefer containers.

Types of goose-neck semi trailers?

Currently, on the market there are many types of Goose-neck semi trailers with different brands and prices. In which two types are popular:

  • 45 feet 3 axle Goose-neck semi trailers
  • 40 feet 3 axle Goose-neck semi trailers

What should you pay attention to when choosing to buy Goose-neck semi trailers?

Goose-neck semi trailers sold in the market are diverse in terms of models, brands, prices and quality. Therefore, when buying this product, you need to choose good quality products that meet the following criteria:


    • Made of high strength steel, good elasticity, not bent, sagged under high load.
    • Distributed load evenly, not overloaded, high impact resistance.
    • Chassis systems must have absolute precision, trailers must always operate stably under different conditions, high safety when using.
    • The specifications of the product (such as overall size, self weight, permissible load, balance shaft, towing pin, tire, ...) must be specified, detailed and clear.

    In addition, you need to choose companies that manufacture and distribute reputable stock somi rom, competitive prices and good warranty.

    To be sure, you need to take a close look at the size of the company's manufacturing plant, and the customer reviews who have used the company's products. You can also compare products of the same type from different companies in the market.

    Where to buy goose-neck semi trailers at a good price?

    There are hundreds of enterprises that provide all kinds of trailers, including Goose-neck semi trailers. Choosing to buy goose-neck semi trailers on the market today is not difficult. But to choose the right kind of trailers with good quality and reasonable price is not easy. You should consult carefully to choose the right product.

    Currently, Tan Thanh company is the leading supplier of all kinds of trailer equipment in Vietnam. Tan Thanh Container is a reliable address for you.

    Why should you choose to buy goose-neck semi trailers from Tan Thanh?

Products on the market are very diverse in supply, but not all units are reputable. For the majority of customers, it brings concern, what about you? But coming to Tan Thanh, you are completely assured.

Explain why Tan Thanh goose-neck semi trailers attracts customers, and are the products you should trust to focus on the following outstanding advantages:

  • Tan Thanh goose-neck semi trailers have many outstanding advantages

Goose-neck semi trailers of Tan Thanh company are of outstanding quality. Tan Thanh's products all meet the basic quality criteria specified by international standards. Outstanding design - Large load capacity - High safety - clear specifications on each product.

  • Competitive price and best service

The company's reputation comes from product quality as well as price. In addition to its superior quality, Tan Thanh Goose-neck semi trailers are always cheaper than other similar products on the market.

On the other hand, Tan Thanh Company also provides the best repair and after-sales service. The company's products, after reaching your hands, will be warranted and maintained periodically on time, helping trailers operate stably and long.

Please contact Tan Thanh container immediately for advice and quotation on Goose-neck semi trailers with good price.


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