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News ellipse 30/11/2020

What are the advantages of Refrigerated containers?

What are the advantages of Refrigerated containers?

Refrigerated containers are used in transporting frozen, fresh goods as well as equipment/products for the medical industry. So what are the advantages of Refrigerated containers? Do transport companies know this advantage or not?

What are refrigerated containers?

Refrigerated containers are designed with frames made of Inox 403 with superior corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Its roof, wall, floor is made up of three layers. Special outer layer is made of Aluminum or stainless steel. Refrigerated containers have many types with different sizes from 10 feet Refrigerated container, 20 feet Refrigerated container, 40, 45 and 48 feet Refrigerated containers.

The middle layer has good insulation PU structure, up to 600mm thick. This part has a high compression ratio. The innermost layer is stainless steel with wave stamping to increase hardness. In addition, because it does not react with chemicals and is good against rust, this layer also ensures food safety very effectively.

What are the Advantages of Refrigerated containers?

As mentioned above, the reason why many people want to find a reputed place selling old Refrigerated containers are as follows:


  • Equipment capable of preserving food, frozen goods, seafood, drugs, medical equipment or goods that need the best stable temperature and the most convenient currently .. Shipping by Refrigerated containers from a place to another place keeps food fresh and ensures quality when it reaches consumers.
  • Moreover, the product is flexibly designed so it is easy to dismantle the cargo. Especially when you transport from Refrigerated containers to other equipment and warehouses.
  • Refrigerated container temperature from -30 degrees C to 30 degrees C should be suitable for good preservation of many different foods.
  • Refrigerated container usage is quite simple, the drivers, transport enterprises do not need to spend time getting used to the equipment.

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