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Tan Thanh Container Provides Axle Alignment Service To Customers

Tan Thanh Container Provides Axle Alignment Service To Customers

Signs of deviation about "angle setting wheels"

A common phenomenon on the street is that the vehicle is running straight, but the rim of the steering wheel is not weighed and straight. As a result, the driver must frequently hold the handlebars and hold the steering wheel with both hands to keep the vehicle in the direction of stress, fatigue and stress. This is especially bad if you are an operator. With the constant long-haul work of the North-South route, unnecessary stress and fatigue make long-distance driving more difficult.

In some cases, we notice that there are vehicles (especially buses and trucks), that are sometimes detected by checking visually when the vehicle is going straight, but the head and tail are not straight with each other.

Or there are vehicles that only go a long way to change a whole set of tires and the faster the smooth the road, the faster it will "eat the tire".

All of the above errors are technical errors related to "wheels setting angle". The occurrence of wheels setting angle deviation was very gradual and has no immediate consequences - making the driver get used to the deviation and unconsciously "compensating" for the vehicle's misalignment through by constantly applying force to the handlebars to keep the vehicle straight.


Hunter axis alignment system by the technology of the United States

The need to calibrate "angle setting wheels"


In automotive engineering the wheels are designed so that they form certain angles to the vehicle and to the road surface.


No matter how modern the vehicle is, the most common structure is to have four wheels to ground. This shows that the extremely important meaning of wheels is not only a support for all of the vehicle's precious assets, but wheels are also designed with optimal geometry to give the vehicle good performance like:


- The best traction

- Create the smoothest, most gentle driving feeling

- Ensure the highest durability for mechanical details (tunnel, rubber, ball)

- Minimizing the wear and tear of tires


The design of 4 ground points so that they form with the road surface and create together a certain angle - depending on the design level as well as the intentions of the car manufacturer's engineers to make the car have the best performance or the most durable tire set.


In fact, using vehicles, we see that there are vehicles that operate, the driving is very light, flexible, precise, easy to control, long-lasting without fatigue, and there are vehicles that feel very "hard drive" or very "loose". Why is that?

Not talking about the difference in engine power, the transmission, the reason for such difference is because the vehicles are designed with different wheels to suit certain requirements that the designer launched. Objectives sometimes contradict each other, for example, a smooth vehicle without bumping, gentle cornering makes it difficult to overcome obstacles and vice versa. So for each specific vehicle type, one must sacrifice a certain purpose and design the wheels to be suitable for that purpose.

In short, designing wheels in car fabrication is the science of geometry to ensure that the vehicle has optimal performance in operation.

Because of the design of such wheels, in actual repair and use, we must respect those designs by regularly and periodically checking and adjusting the design corners: Camber (tilt angle of wheels plane compared to horizontal direction, Caster (tilt angle of the wheel plane of the front wheel compared to vertical direction), Toe-in (precision of wheels), Kingpin (tilt of steering column ), Thrust Angle (the angle of deviation between the center axis of the vehicle and the movement axis of the vehicle) to the manufacturer's standard, the process called the angle alignment method of all 4 wheels or "Total Wheel Alignment."

Tan Thanh Container joins hands with customers to solve the problem of "corner to set wheels"

There are two very important costs to the goods transport business: fuel and wear and tear, both of which are considered very difficult to control. If your vehicle is operating and is misaligned "wheels set angle" will result in more tire corrosion and increased fuel consumption due to increased drag. Regularly calibrating the “wheels set angle” is the most effective method of controlling tire corrosion, thereby reducing fuel consumption, contributing to economic efficiency.

A staggering fact today is that about 70% to 80% of heavy vehicles traveling on the road have the wrong "wheels setting angle" for many different reasons. On the other hand, the driver and the vehicle inspection agencies have not paid enough attention to this issue, but are usually only interested in brake devices, lights, horns. .. The inspection and adjustment of "wheels setting angle" is a new field of technology and requires modern technical machinery and high precision, a big investment to meet this requirement.


Tan Thanh engineers are operating the axle alignment machine

At the end of 2011, Tan Thanh Container spent a great deal of investment and put into operation the Hunter wheels mounting angle calibration system. The Hunter system that Tan Thanh Container is investing in is the first system officially imported from the United States, possessing the most modern electromagnetic calibration technology in Vietnam today. Also based on this alignment system, Tan Thanh Container has been deploying wheels alignment service for tractors, Semi trailers, heavy trucks. .. The investment in this electronic calibration system is one of many efforts to realize the commitment to improve the quality of Tan Thanh Container's products and services.

The device aligns the Semi trailers' axles

For Tan Thanh Container, the success, the customers' satisfaction when using products and services is the goal that the company always aims at. Coming to the electromagnetic calibration service of Tan Thanh Container, customers will be enthusiastically consulted and answered by a team of experienced technicians, answering questions and procedures for fast and economical electronic calibration. time, reasonable price. .. Tan Thanh Container also recommends vehicle owners every 3 months or 6 months to bring their vehicles to calibrate and check the "wheels set angle" to make timely adjustments if the wheels set angle is deviated.

Customers wishing to learn or use the electronic axis alignment service can contact Tan Thanh Container's service business department at the following address:


HOTLINE 1900 57 57 38