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Resourcing the weigh station on the highway to control of vehicles' loads

Resourcing the weigh station on the highway to control of vehicles' loads

With determination to control overloaded vehicles that damage roads, the Ministry of Transport requested to immediately correct defects at 2 trial weighing stations of Dau Giay and Quang Ninh, and promote the process of planning the system of the Prime Minister on road vehicle weighing stations.

Obvious shortcomings of the trial stations

On the afternoon of April 18, the Ministry of Transportation held a meeting to resolve shortcomings at the two pilot weighing stations, Dau Giay station and Quang Ninh station. Propose solutions to overcome immediately, ensure to maintain the operation of 2 stations in accordance with the set target of controlling overloaded vehicles on the route.


The shortcomings of the two trial stations, so far, have been clearly seen. Firstly, it is the limitations of the equipment.

Dau Giay Station (Km 1846 + 600 QL1A, located in Dong Nai province) is invested in using the weighing system of Tri Viet Automatic Technology Joint Stock Company and at Quang Ninh station (Km103 + 800 QL18, in the territory of Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province) has installed the weighing system of Southeast Asia Company Limited.

With the device at 2 weighing stations, the detection limit for an overloaded vehicle is limited. If the vehicle has curved, warped, blurred, or contiguous license plates, does not comply with the minimum distance regulations when traveling through the dynamic scale, or the vehicle goes below 20km/h and above 60km/h is a mobile weighing device.

Of course, if you suspect an overload at a dynamic scale, putting the vehicle on the next scale will give accurate results whether the vehicle is overloaded or not. The twin scales here will also be inaccurate if the wheels are not placed in the required correct position.

The shortcomings of the equipment over the past time were fully exploited, along with the performance of the violating force at the station "problem" has made the weighing station ineffective. According to the leader of Quang Ninh weighing station, this station can only control about 20% of overloaded vehicles on the route.

Immediately Fix

According to Deputy Minister Nguyen Ngoc Dong who chaired the meeting, these shortcomings need to be overcome as soon as possible. It is likely that the 2 Dau Giay and Quang Ninh weighing stations will have to move to another position accordingly in the near future, (expected after about 2-3 years). Therefore, a large investment is not recommended, but also must basically overcome the outstanding problems while the station is still operating here.

The Deputy Minister asked to assess the need, the contents need to be overcome and complete to maintain the operation of the weighing station in accordance with the set target.

Accordingly, it is necessary to consider completing the coordination mechanism between the forces at the weighing station on the basis of the recently issued Circular 10 Ministry of Transportation and submit to the Minister of Transportation and the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. Regarding technical equipment of the station, on the basis of assessing which equipment is lacking, which equipment is inadequate, broken, needs to be replaced, warranted, included in the station maintenance project in additional equipment to monitor vehicle balancing process, connect with the Management Center of the General Department. This work should be implemented immediately to promptly arrange investment capital for road business in 2013. It is necessary to study to propose an appropriate financial mechanism for the weighing station and the vehicle weight enforcement force to facilitate and encourage active initiative of this force.

Planning on the system of road vehicle weighing stations nationwide with a specific roadmap is being built, needs to be completed on schedule, consult ministries, agencies and localities to submit to the Prime Minister in May 2012.