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News ellipse 26/11/2020

Looking for Suppliers of Ball Spraying Equipment

Due to the development needs, Tan Thanh Trading and Mechanic Corporation would like to invite qualified suppliers to provide Ball Spraying Equipment with cleaning metal surfaces (spraying 100 m² per hour).

Required technology:

1 / Floor recovery ball: On the floor with wire mesh (Grating). Retrieval area: 18x5x4.5 (m), recovery capacity is 1000kg/hour.

2 / Silo containing steel particles and separating devices to reduce dust from steel grains for reuse. Use 4mm and 6mm thick steel. Contains 3 tons of steel grain for 2 shot blasting machines.

3 / The dust extraction equipment in the steel grain includes a 20HP suction fan motor, an electronic valve that opens and closes with compressed air, timer and water wash dust filter.

4 / The central control system for the device.

Contact information:

Mr. Kieu Cong Tham - Import Export Material Manager

Phone: 0903 918 790