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How Are Office Containers Made?

How Are Office Containers Made?

To become the complete container offices, it will undergo mechanical stages, interior decoration, electrical installation, coating with the participation of many skilled workers.

Have you seen office containers at construction sites? Have you ever seen houses and hotels made of containers? Have you ever heard, watched, or read the news related to containers and applications in the field of architecture, construction? Have you ever wondered how shipping containers can be turned into comfortable, modern container offices? By this article, Tan Thanh will satisfy readers who want to understand how the office container is manufactured?

The story begins with containers

Container is a specialized equipment used to transport goods domestically as well as internationally, and the role of containers in this era is enormous. Most of the containers are owned by shipping lines, ports, depots ... Only containers that meet certain standards can be put in the process of transporting goods. However, in fact, under the impact of chemical factors, over time, many containers are damaged, unable to transport the goods discarded by shipping lines. These containers will be sold as scrap for recycling, or lying in the sea ports, depot and causing environmental pollution. Tan Thanh chose its own business path by converting the functions of these old containers into modern and comfortable office containers.

How does container conversion work?

To become the complete container office, it will undergo mechanical stages, interior decoration, electrical installation, coating with the participation of many skilled workers.

  • Step 1: Old containers will be cleaned, the mechanical teams will conduct crumbling, contraction of distorted, corroded locations, then cutting the container wall to create windows, doors, and installation of electrical equipment
  • Step 2: The mechanic will create V-steel frames fastened to the wall and ceiling. These steel frames are used to make the office container more stiff in the future and serve as a support for wall and ceiling panels in the next stage.
  • Step 3: Electrical wiring, internet cable, telephone cable and plumbing system
  • Step 4: Spray foam on the roof and wall. Foam is a special material that has the effect of waterproofing, soundproofing, heat insulation, thereby deciding the factors of saving electricity. Tan Thanh uses the best foam in addition to the above use, which also works against fire
  • Step 5: After spraying foam, the interior decoration team will proceed to clad plywood on the wall and ceiling to create a beautiful aesthetic for the container. Tan Thanh uses MDF and shera boards (a mixture of wood pulp and cement) to apply to the ceiling of the walls. These panels will be fixed by screwing into the iron frame.
  • Step 6: Outsourcing office container floor. The containers are available with standard wooden flooring. However, Tan Thanh will provide customers with several options for container floors such as simili, carpet, building bricks, scratch-resistant glossy paint floor ...
  • Step 7: The containers will be painted according to the customer's requirements. Before painting, the staff will clean the container again, sanding and filling for the best paint quality.
  • Step 8: Install electrical equipment such as air conditioner, power outlet, switch, electric bulb, telephone line, light bulb, door system, kitchen, exhaust fan ...
  • Step 9: General acceptance before leaving the factory. Only products that meet certain standards are shipped for supply to customers

What are the advantages of the office containers?

  • Because it is made of sea shipping containers, it has high durability, good resistance to corrosion and impact
  • Easily transported from one place to another
  • Occupies the minimum ground area
  • The rental price, buying is reasonable, in the future, if not used anymore, the container can be sold to the manufacturer
  • Good customer care

Who need office containers?

Nowadays, construction sites, mining companies always have great demand for container offices to work, live, and rest for engineers, experts and workers. The office containers make the construction site look better, increasing the safety of the construction sites. Vietnam is a country that suffers from many natural disasters, accompanied by natural disasters is home damage after natural disasters, at this time it is very appropriate to use office containers as temporary houses. Nowadays, people really have the need to build unique and fancy houses, the application of containers in this field has more opportunities to develop.

In short, the development prospects of the office container industry are very large, the application of office containers is very wide. Hopefully, this article has partially answered your questions about the production of office containers.