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News ellipse 27/11/2020

From June 30, traffic rules offenders can pay fines anywhere with just a few "clicks".

The Ministry of Finance has just issued Decision No. 683/QD-BTC promulgating the List of online public services (DVCTT) of the Ministry of Finance which are integrated and provided on the National Public Service Portal (DVC) in 2020.


Photo source: Minh Duong (Thanh Nien Newspaper)

The Ministry of Finance shall direct the units to accelerate the online payment of fees, charges, taxes, the collection of penalties for administrative violations and other financial obligations in settling administrative procedures and performing the above public services on National Public Service Portal, Ministry of Finance Public Service Portal. This also contributes to the successful implementation of solutions to boost payments, pay non-cash fines.

According to the plan, the Ministry of Finance will also focus on restructuring business processes, simplifying administrative procedures at levels 3 and 4 to integrate and provide on the National Public Service Portal in the direction of cutting cost strong, facilitating people and businesses to provide at least 30% of level 3 and 4 public services on the National Public Service Portal in 2020.

Specifically, to deploy, provide and integrate 194 online public services at levels 3 and 4 to the National Public Service Portal. Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance will integrate 24 online public services related to the field of accounting, auditing and price management; State Treasury will integrate 6 commercial services level 4; General Department of Customs integrated 60 public services at level 4; State Securities Commission integrated 11 public services level 3; General Department of Taxation integrates 2 payment services at level 3 and 91 payment services at level 4.

Besides, the Ministry of Finance also requested the General Department of Taxation, the State Treasury to coordinate with the Ministry of Public Security, the Government Office, commercial banks, payment intermediary service providers and related agencies to speed up the progress and improve online public services for cases of paying administrative fines in the road traffic sector under the sanctioning competence of the Traffic Police on the National Public Service Portal to nationwide deployment before June 30, 2020.

In Decision No. 683/QD-BTC, the leaders of the Ministry of Finance also encouraged the units under the Ministry to integrate and provide additional services on the National Public Service Portal for non-listed public service providers.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance has completed integrating and connecting a number of online public services at level 4 to the National Public Service Portal in the fields of finance, customs, taxation and treasury such as: online public issuing codes to the unit concerned with the budget; Cancellation of customs declarations; Additional declaration of customs documents; Pay taxes for businesses; Tax payment for individuals; Pay car and motorcycle registration fees; Declare the receipt and receipt of the online expenditure control transaction and the one-stop transaction with the State Treasury.

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