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Different of molded beams and Assembled beams

Different of molded beams and Assembled beams

The transportation market is becoming increasingly competitive, especially the trailers with the massive entry of Semi trailer from neighboring countries. Therefore, many enterprises are willing to reduce input materials, use cheap materials, low quality, purpose: reduce the price of products. As a result, the general market and the quality of products are not assured in the course of transportation of goods and users.

Around the Semi trailer market, the main beam structure of the Semi trailer will come in two forms. One is monolithic cast iron, the other is composite beams. The quality of the main beam will greatly affect the Semi trailer quality. However, not every investor / customer can distinguish what is cast iron and what is composite beams

Advantages of monolithic castings
Semi trailer monocoque castings are especially suitable for Semi trailer bones, bumps .. because they have better elasticity than composite beams. Better bending, torsion tolerance, so that the movement of Semi trailer on the bad arcs, long lines with high cargo load will ensure more safety and durability. The aesthetic element of Semi trailer molded beams is always higher than that of the composite beams.

If using composite beams, welding quality and aesthetics depend heavily on skilled workers. During the Semi trailer investment process, the customer must pay close attention to the welding line in order to minimize errors in the assembly of the beams.
With a team of technicians with more than 20 years of experience, with the motto: “Always leading in quality”, Tan Thanh has chosen the foundry I and marketed more than 2000 Semi trailer prestige, quality and contributing to the market. Semi trailer product range, serving the economy of Vietnam.
Difference between Semi trailer Tan Thanh and Semi trailer imports normally
For Semi trailer Xiang, Tan Thanh uses standard SM490YA monolithic Japanese beams. Helping Semi trailer products be classified as safe, high elasticity compared to other products.
Semi trailer imports wafer now, even welding to 3 segments, creating psychological anxiety for customers when using.

For customers / partners who have deep understanding of Semi trailer in the market, there will be many shortcomings in Semi trailer such as normal warranty, limited warranty, no maintenance Customer care and customer support when Semi trailer fails.

With a genuine warranty of 03 years nationwide, Tan Thanh always focuses on its products, from the smallest items. The process of quality control, careful selection of input materials, products are manufactured by quality inspection system 4 level / product to bring the best products, safest & bring value Highest value for the user as well as the highest profit for the transport business when saving a lot of repair costs, maintenance costs, warranty Semi trailer. In addition, Tan Thanh also has a 24/7 customer care system.

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