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10 warning signs that you need trailer repair you should know?

10 warning signs that you need trailer repair you should know?

Semi trailers are the main means of transportation for many transport companies. The high intensity continuous transportation of goods makes the semi-trailer easy to be worn out and damaged, causing much loss for enterprises. So how do you know if something goes wrong with your trailer or not? Please refer to the information below with Tan Thanh!


Talking with Mr. Hoang - Container driver of a leather shoe company in HCMC. Mr. Hoang recalled: “Last year, he accepted a job at the company and was assigned a skeleton SMRM to look at the trailer and the tires were very new. During the process of driving, Mr. Hoang often noticed that the trailer was not running smoothly, sometimes he found that the axle was loose and unstable. But due to the high volume of cargo, goods need to go urgently. Mr. Hoang plans to take the trailer to check and maintain after Tet. However, after 1 month of using the SMRM, his shell was worn out and had to change a whole case. At that time, he knew that his vehicle had a very heavy axle, causing the shell to corrode quickly. This has caused Mr. Hoang's company to suffer a lot of losses.

The above is just one of the many cases of damage that enterprises encounter. Let’s refer to other signs to identify the damaged condition with Tan Thanh below.

1) Twistlock is a small part that keeps the container from tipping over the shirt. The signs that twistlocks are easy to be deformed, are fluffy, can not lock, but easily pop out prove they are damaged and need to be repaired soon.


Worn out Twistlock


  1. The tire is an important part of the vehicle, while the tires work continuously during the vehicle's operation, they are also the most easily worn part of the car.


  1. Drums have been worn unevenly, there is no longer friction due to the impact of the brake pedal after a period of use.

Semi trailer drum 


  1. Torque rod bushing: If the vehicle does not operate smoothly, the axle is loose, it is possible that the torque rod bushing of the vehicle is worn out. They will cause shell wear very quickly. At this time, you should take the vehicle to check and can change the part in time to avoid damage to other parts.

  1. Balance beam pin: Similar to worn torque rod bushing when the vehicle does not run smoothly, a shell-eating vehicle can also be caused by the balance beam pin getting worn that causes the suspension structure to no longer function effectively. In this case, you should also check immediately to prepare in time.

  1. The axle is not operating smoothly, and the vehicle is slow, when the vehicle is showing signs of deterioration, it is necessary to go to check and maintain the trailer.

  1. Another sign is that when connecting the tractor, the trailer is no longer sensitive, it is likely that the barring gear is being worn, need to be replaced with a new one.

  1. The other part is Chassi: Bent, warped, protruding and worn by accident will also make transportation more difficult.
  2. Next is the light system, the signal lights when there is a flicker, if you don't turn on the lights, you also need to check and repair the vehicle to increase safety when going at night.


The light system is no longer working

  1. In addition, there are anti-dusty feet, you can not rise and fall and guard the fenders or prevent hips, which are easy to dented and deformed.

Nếu bạn đang gặp tình trạng bất thường gì về xe sơmi rơmoóc thì đừng ngại liên hệ Tân Thanh ngay để nhận tư vấn cách xử lý kịp thời và chính xác bạn nhé!

If you are having any unusual situation regarding trailers, do not hesitate to contact Tan Thanh immediately for advice on how to handle it in a timely and accurate manner!


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