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Tan Thanh Container has built a team of about 600 professional staffs in various fields such as: business, engineering, production with many experts, engineers and skilled staffs.

The more ups and downs, the more brave; The more we facing with challenge, the more Tan Thanh Container have aspirations. Tan Thanh Container has become a strong brand, one of the leading companies in the manufacture of Trailers and Containers in Vietnam. Be willing to invest in and access the world’s advanced technology is Tan Thanh’s way to move faster on the path of integration into the global economy and gradually reaching the international level.


International quality products

All the Tan Thanh Trailers, before being on the market, are checked through the rigorous testing of size, dynamics, load, braking, electricity, operation, etc., by IICL International method and imported machines such as Hunter axis calibration machine(USA).


Best after sales service

The trailer manufactured by Tan Thanh Company is guaranteed for 3 years with genuine spare parts. Maintenance periodically four times/ a year at the most professional and skilled repair service stations in Vietnam.


Design diversity

Continuously research the design and manufacture the best trailers are according to the latest national , international regulations and market. Products of various types: skeletal, goose- neck, tipping flame, side wall, terminal, xitec, etc. be meet all the customer need on transport.


Steel processing

75% of the trailers are steel so Tan Thanh only selects the specialized steel used for the production of trailers and the most advanced machines as laser cutting-edge machines AMADA’s FOMKII3015NT to produce beautiful and accurate steel sheets.


The process of painting

Before painting, the steel structure of the trailer is treated, cleaning the surface with a ball-spraying system, increasing the adhesion of the paint. After each primer, and overcoat, the trailer is autoclaved at 75oC, increasing the durability of the paint.


Manufacturing capabilities

With total investment in factory, machinery and equipment for producing semi trailers more than 200 billion VND, the company can supply 2000-3000 trailers per year.

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