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Mobile container sauna


Container sauna is a combination of traditional sauna with the usability, mobility and durability of the container.
Steam baths are increasingly popular in Vietnam because of the practical benefits to human health. To meet the customer needs, Tan Thanh Container has launched a new product “Container sauna “. The new product is a great combination of traditional sauna with the usability, mobility and durability of the container.
The product is operated based on the principle of using resistance to make stone heat, the heat of stone increases the room temperature leading to sweat for user, remove the toxins in the body, help reducing stress , beautify skin, support treatment, improve health – comprehensive beauty, bring relaxation, comfort, full of energy.
The sauna is made of high-class European standards pinewood, and the door is made of tempered glass with pine wood frame. Pine wood not only keeps the temperature, uses durably but also has a pleasant natural woody aroma when inhaled. Seat cushions have small openings to create ventilation and drainage. In the room equipped with water bucket, essential oil to water the sauna stone making more heat. In addition, the sauna is equipped with specialized lights, heatproof, lights are covered and provide soft indirect light, create a comfortable and relaxed space.

The health benefits of sauna is undeniable, especially sauna has the following benefits:

  • Help enhancing blood circulation, reduce aches and pains
  • Improve metabolism of the body, supports the burning of excess calories, helps to lose weight, prevent obesity, keep fit
  • Increases body resistance against colds, diseases when changing seasons
  • Exfoliates the pores, cleanses the pores, boosts skin rejuvenation and smoothens the skin.
  • Improve blood pressure, cardiovascular activity.

Tan Thanh’s container sauna line is very suitable for sauna business, households, resorts, etc., Please contact us for advice and the best product.

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Overview of container sauna


Temperature control device


The walls are made of European standard pinewood


Wardrobe for clothes, personal tools

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