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Tan Thanh House Container and Promotion Month Fair 2011

After success of providing Office Containers and building trust to Construction Companies for Construction sites.
Tan Thanh Corp launched the new products of House Containers with the various and special design and high convenience. House Containers can be used for Office, Guest House, House for Employees and other different demand of customers. Tan Thanh’s business philosophy for House Containers product is “We not only sell Containers but also sell the added values for Containers”.

hoi_cho1According to the guides of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee about “Promotion Month” Fair, Tan Thanh Corp’s products were honorly chosen to be The Guest House and The Office of Organizers from 31st August to 4th Sept, 2011 at Phu Tho Exhibition Center.
Not simply a Container with the restriction of area and functions, Tan Thanh Corp’s products with the creation and cleverness of experienced engineers are multi-functional products. Intelligent Container Booths are very suitable and cost-effective for companies at fairs and bring impression to customers for product display. With low cost and quick assembling, Container Booths with comfortable facilities will adapt to all different desires of customers. Please contact to Tan Thanh Corp. for better consult and further information.
With the luxury and well-equipped space, Tan Thanh Corp’s products and booths will bring the most comfort for customers.

hoicho_2Tan Thanh Container – Marketing Dept.

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