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Tan Thanh’s Educational Funds

As the expression of the social responsibilites of corporates to the development of culture and education.
Tan Thanh Coporation contributes thousands of books and notebooks to many parties in Thu Duc District and the children of Tan Thanh employees for encouraging the spirits of studying and learning every year.


And tquy khuyen hoc 1o promote the spririts of studying and learning, “Tan Thanh’s Educational Funds” was funded on 8th of August, 2011 not only to encourage and praise these spirits but also to give pupils and students from poor provinces opportunities to go to schools.
On 16th of August, 2011: “Tan Thanh’s Educational Funds” Ceremony was held with the warmly support from Board of Directors and more than 500 employees. Also on that day, Ms Tran Dieu Canh – General Director gave the total funding of 3,200,000,000VND to Mr Hung – The President of Labor Union. In the future, this funds will be together with other funds from other parties to contribute to the development of society.
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