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Side By Side With The Company & The Employees

“On sharply competitive times, manufacturing new product “Semi romooc ben 20 feet” by team of engineers and workers does not only help the company more competitive but also helps the employees have stable work and income. This is very meaningful.”, Mr Tran Van Hung, the chairman of Tan Thanh’s trade union, said so when the HCM city trade union recognized “The project in hour of 1000 year Thang Long – Ha Noi” recently.

Practical, effective
In order to share the difficulties with the company, from many months ago, the local trade union of Tan Thanh discussed, exchanged with the engineers, workers to research and make new product which has high quality, meets the demand of the market.
“Manufacturing new product does not only show the sharing joys and sorrows between the board of directors and the team of employees but also contributes to making works stably of the employees.” – Mr Nguyen Van Bang admitted.

Going continuously to the workshops to encourage the engineers, the workers to overcome the difficulties; concurrently proposing the board of directors how to solve the problem on time, the local trade union helped the team to shorten the manufacturing time (30 days), reduce the product price 1.000 USD compared with imported products.

Mrs Tran Dieu Canh, the general director, highly appreciates this trade union’s effort because the product does not guarantee the quality but also help the company to affirm the brand name’s prestige.

(Labour newspaper – Khanh Linh)

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