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Shining example of excelent worker

Posted Date: 10-05-2013

On 04/27/2013, HCMC Labor Federation has honored 138 employees represent the workers in the good labor movement, creative work. Tan Thanh Trading Corporation Mechanical honored Đào Van Sau is cherry portrait typical of the movement "good Labor", "creative labor" in 2013.

Mr Sau was born in 1973 in a family with 06 brothers and sister at 3rd ward, long hau commune, Long An. When Tan Thanh Semi trailer factory was established in 2008, Sau is regards as the top and very first person to work at one of the biggest Trailer Factory of Tan Thanh Cooperation. At very first day of work in the position of normal labor so everything relate to Trailer and mechanic semi-trailers for the industry was new to him, but with a hardworking, diligence, desire to learn Mr Sau has constantly improving his skill. During the time his reputation and well organization and his skill have a great effect to inspiration other employees, his effort and abilities is recognized by Tan Thanh leader to promote him become Manager of the manufacture in Tan Thanh Trailer Factory. Since then Sau always accomplished many different mission and well observe all company rules.

In 2012 Mr Sau was proposal by Factory board of director to the executive committee and board of directors unions and both department have already agreed to support mr sau to participate in the upgrading examination grant by  labor union Organization in thu duc distric in January, 05/2012.  Come to the contest with great experience and ability, sau has won the excellence honors with score 90/100 by gained this score lead him to the attend the competition nam “Golden Hand of the city “in 2012 and was honored as excellent individuals worker and employees of labor typical Ho Chi Minh City from 05/2012 to 05/2013.

During the time Sau work  at Tan Thanh, he not only improve skill for himself  but with the head of mechanical position at group 10, Sau also has dedicated guidance for all members to help everyone together improve their self  to product a best quality production as company wish to safe cost and increase income for other group members.


Five years working for Tan Thanh is not really a long time for Mr sau compared to other Staffs. However his enthusiasm, hard working with high responsibility and willing to learn, His skill development initiative was a shining example for other employees to follow. Mr sau example is a fine evidence of creativity and the will to rise up in work that we all need to follow.

As an example in may 2013, the company have a high expect that Dao Van Sau will inspire, rekindled learning skills, qualifications, technical improvements in production  to other employees, thereby contributing well to Company Production plan.